a group of children connecting America and Japan with the sound of TAIKO (Japanese Drum)

(Rutherford Magazine June 2013)

was formed in fall of 2007,  in Bergen County, New Jersey, by a group of children aiming to perform for the New Year Event.  It began as a mission of their parents to covey the Japanese culture.  Although, kids' reason to start TAIKO lesson may be to meet friends,
they are naturally exposed to the core of Japanese heritage through the power of drumming.  

(June 2013 Rutherford Multicultural Festival Digest Video)

Biwanko won "Korean Cultural Service Award"
in 2015 Asian Traditional Performing Arts Competition.
Thank you for your support!

2014 Gold Place Performance "IKAZUCHI".
BI (美)- beauty (the character represents America),  
WA(和)- harmony (the character represents Japan),
KO(鼓)-  a drum
Biwanko Group Inc. (NPO)

Yuko Okada
Public Relations:
Yukiko Shore
Sayuri Keegan

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email: biwanko@gmail.com